Gordon Ramsay’s Maze at the One&Only has closed

A cross looking Gordon prowls through Maze Prague, also closed under Phil Carmichael’s direction.
It has been rumoured for months, speculated about, whispered between foodies, journalists, bloggers, gossipers and last but not least, staff.
Finally the inevitable has happened. The old horse has finally been taken out and shot. The knackers in this case were not the owners or management, but Cape Town customers who have given this restaurant a resounding thumbs down for a variety of reasons.
The main one was poor value for money. Or at least that was the perception. Secondly, the quality of the food and service was not up to scratch for such a such an exalted international brand.
Thirdly, when you add the raft of international and local poor PR that Maze and Gordon Ramsay has garnered you could be forgiven for thinking that the man has balls of brass, or very deep pockets, for staying open for so long.
Whatever about the balls of brass, the deep pockets are only allowed go as deep as the owners will let them. In this case enough was enough, and they decided to pull the plug on this obviously loss making venture before it ate into any more of the reserves of the International Empire of the Gord.
But let’s look at the facts. The signs that all has not been well have been there for quite a few months.
1. On nights that they should have been busy Maze has been deserted. A bit like an international airport terminal lounge after the last flight has departed. There is no space more lonely and atmosphere sucking. I have counted as little is 15 diners in a space built for 170.
2. Executive Chef, Phil Carmichael, was rumoured to be throwing in the towel after the World Cup. This he has done.
3. The Sous Chef has secured himself a new position.
4. The restaurant General Manager, has also thrown in the towel with Maze, and after her holidays will return to the O&O as the Bar Manager. Hardly a vote of confidence on Maze’s future.
The last rumor set my alarm bells ringing. I heard that a South African chef was to replace Phil Carmichael.

The Gord waves goodbye to his Cape Town fans.
I took the view that they’d have to get a talented person in, and who would do this job as a hind tit to the marketing brand of Maze?
A decent chef would only come to the One and Only if they could have their own identity.
This could only mean one thing; Get rid of Maze.
Now they’ve done it.
So, the next story, who will take over the Maze space?
For now they are calling it the restaurant at the One and Only. Watch this space.
In the meantime have a read of my review of Maze, below, and also the hilarious high jinks surrounding the visit of the Gord to Cape Town recently.


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