From the world’s most famous presidents to the world’s most famous spy!

I proudly learnt today that Graham Beck Cuvee Clive is liked “not shaken nor stirred” by James Bond in Jeffery Deaver latest Bond novel Carte Blanche. Here is an extract of the liking to our Graham Beck bubbles:

“That remark in itself is flirtatious!  laughed and gestured the sommelier forward. He displayed the bottle of the South African sparkling wine Bond had ordered to be brought when his companion arrived. The man opened it. Bond tasted it and nodded approval. Then he said to Jordaan, you’ll like this. A Graham Beck Cuvee Clive. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The 2003 vintage. It’s from Robertson, Western Cape. Jordaan gave one of her rare laughs. here I’ve been lecturing you about South Africa, but it seems you know a few things yourself. This wine’s as good as anything you’ll get in Reims.

We do we go from here……

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