Not shaken, not stirred – 007 enjoys South African bubbly

By Opulent Living – Posted in GeneralOpulent taste on May 30th, 2011 by admin

007 and Cuvee Clive

It’s a line that’s almost as famous as the character himself; the famous dry martini, “shaken, not stirred”, served in a champagne goblet to the legendary Bond.

James Bond – agent 007: whose dramatic evolution in his latest adventure, Carte Blanche,sees him supplant his famed martini with Cuvee Clive, the top shelf bubbly from Graham Beck Wines, in the closing scenes of the book.

It’s not as though the about-face is completely counter to character. Bond has, after all, always favoured the sexier things; his choice of car, now a Bentley, matching his choice of – other things; and in his choice of drinks at least, he’s in good company.

No doubt it would tickle the iconic Mr Beck to know that the premium wine that he pictured way back then would make it into the annals of literary history – via none other than the legendary Bond: a man with whom he could well relate for his love of the finer things. Certainly if it was his to suggest a wine to the super-spy, Cuvee Clive would have been top of mind.

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