Kumba takes bodyboarding to the next level in South Africa.

Kumba Iron Ore announced at the 2011 West Coast Classic earlier this year, that they will be sponsoring a Bodyboarding development project worth R210 000 for the Lambertsbay and Saldanha area, on the West Coast of South Africa. Together with REEF SA and Boland Bodyboarding, this project will deliver a refresh of the current Lambertsbay bodyboarding kit as well as an open contest for the kids in Lambertsbay. 15 Boland guys will be running the contest for the kids. They will hit the water with brand new Kumba branded wetsuits and try and impress the judges with their skill and ability to win some of the great sponsored prizes. The Kids will also be treated to a boerewors braai and some Coka Cola drinks.

In Saldanha, Kumba has made it possible to supply kit for 40 new development riders which include a full wet-suit, flipper socks, fin tethers, a bodyboard with leash and a pair of fins.

Kumba has seen that the previous development programme they sponsored in 2009 was very successful and that it contributed a huge amount to the health and wellness of the community. These kids are now in a position to enjoy the ocean much more and the competitive sport of bodyboarding. SonSurf, a Christian non-profitable surfing organisation in the Western Cape, runs a weekly Friday afternoon competition to keep the development effort sustainable and to help the kids grow in each area of the sport. The same approach will be followed in Saldanha.

Development clinics introduce the kids to concepts like environmental preservation, pollution, exercise, camaraderie and of course respect for the ocean. 15 Boland coaches and their support team will be present at each of these development clinics. Boland believes that by assigning 2 – 3 riders to 1 trainer they will absorb and learn much more in a short period of time.

REEF SA and Boland Bodyboarding will make four trips to Saldanha to deliver the development clinics. A fifth trip is planned to bring the 40 Lambertsbay and 40 Saldanha kids together for a 80 rider contest. This is going to be a spectacular event with lots of fun, laughter and great prizes. This contest will form part of the launch of the new Kumba branding.

Please keep your eyes posted on future articles and pictures as we progress with the project. You just might find your next IBA star hidden in this development squad.

“We do it prone, dropknee, or standup while we get barreled” – djbstyles

Frans Lombard (BBA)

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