“A letter from America….”

Greetings all –

Very pleased to share the following impressive results from Robert Parker’s the Wine Advocate most recent August 2011 South African tasting & review …

 The Graham Beck Wines:

Cuvee Clive 2005 – 91 points

The Ridge 2008 – 90 points

Blanc de Blanc 2007 – 90 points

The Joshua 2008 – 89 points

Chardonnay 2009 – 89 points

Brut Rose’ NV – 89 points

Note the following excellent excerpt about Graham Beck Wines from the August article :

“Graham Beck passed away in July 2010 leaving one almighty legacy behind him: a state-of-the-art winery that welcomes thousands of visitors each year, their sparkling Brut chosen by Michele Obama for her husband’s inauguration ceremony as well as Nelson Mandela’s in 1994. But what matters most is that the Graham Beck Winery has a portfolio of wines that offers outstanding value, particular with respect to their sparkling wines and whites. Their cellar master Pieter Ferreira, is responsible for their sparkling wines and he took me through their entire range…”

This is wonderfully high praise from what is arguably the world’s most discerning & challenging wine review publication.

Fantastic job. Thank you to our friends Pieter, Erika, & the whole GBW team !!


Warm Regards,

Chris Nickolopoulos

Founder / President
Maritime Wine Trading Collective ( m.w.t.c.)


2 Responses

  1. I had the most wonderful pinotage in Cape Town last year. Graham Back Old Road. Unfortunately it’s not avalable in the U.S. I still remember the taste and keep looking for it online.

    • Many thanks Judy. We are happy that you enjoyed the Old Road Pinotage. The vineyard was the third oldest Pinotage planted vineyard and sadly the 2007 is the swan-song (the last vintage) kind regards Pieter

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