Well I was reading a nice blog about Gastro Porn by Edo Heyns posted on http://www.wineland.co.za/blog/2012/01/30/gastro-porn/comment-page-1/#comment-5946

Edo says “Gastro Porn” is a term used to describe photos of fancy food that are dominating cyberspace. It made me think about what he was getting at. To put this in context, as I also like to take photographs of things I love whether eating, drinking, seeing and so on, as a picture are = to a thousand words they say! Easy to remember and brings back memories.

So on Sunday, I was lucky to share a wine with a mate of mine from Australia. He introduced me to ‘wine porn’ Ya, having a wine called Naked on Skates by Some Young Punks (see the label) is so apt! Now does this express the fact of  – now am I bragging or sharing? It is definitely not name dropping, with a name like that! How I wish that I could drink more fancy labels and why not funky and sexy one’s from time to time as long the wine in the glass falls right on the palate.

My humble exprience updating and tweeting to all my fans is, yes they do care and certainly cheer’s me up ! Maybe there is some sense in “Gastro-Vino Porn” !! Bring it on.



South African Wine | wine news | Cape Winemakers Guild Protégés make their own wines

South African Wine | wine news | Cape Winemakers Guild Protégés make their own wines.

The Hydrodynamics of Wine Swirling

Winetech scan newsletter

issue #49                          JANUARY 2012

Originally posted by Winetech – Newsletter Issue #49 – January 2012

In wine tasting, swirling of the glass is necessary to release the bouquet and is usually obtained by a gentle circular (orbital) movement. The wave generated by this movement propagates along the glass wall and enhances oxygenation and mixing. Recently, similar orbital shaking has been applied to large scale bioreactors for the cultivation of cells expressing recombinant proteins (e.g. antibodies), and thus the physics of the process is of significant interest.


A study observed a large variety of wave shapes in the swirled glass (see above), the most simple being a wave with one crest and one trough. More complex shapes, featuring multiple crests and troughs were also observed. Under certain conditions the wave could ‘dry’ a portion of the vessel bottom, or break. Subsequent mathematical analysis found that there are three dimensionless parameters governing the shape of the free surface. Each combination of the free parameter has a peculiar balance of forces, generating a particular wave shape. A video of the various waves obtained may be downloaded at http://arxiv.org/abs/1110.3369

The Secret of Whole Bunch Pressing for Cap Classique

I am convinced that gentle handling of the grapes and then whole bunch pressing of the grapes to produce base wines for Cap Classique is the crucial catalyst in producing Cap Classique with an even a finer bubble….. watch this video and see the difference bewtween quality and press fractions. This makes the process of Cap Classique so interesting.

Looking at base wine during fermentation

During fermentation it is extremely crucial taht we know how well our yeasts are doing. It gives us the opportunity to be pro-active and we can start to form some ideas of how these individual base wines develop and where they will eventually end upin – in which of our Cap Classiques. Notice that colour is never a issue as we produce a wide portfolio and we find a home for all of the base wines. We taste at least once a week and study the rate of fermentation at least twice a day. Enjoy the little video link! Harvest 2012 at Graham Beck Robertson!

The Journey of the Whole Bunch Chardonnay Grape

A facinating journey of the Chardonnay grape from been picked until it is in juice form. Harvest 2012 at Graham Beck in Robertson. Part of the picking for Chardonnay for our range of Cap Classique base wines.

Harvest News II


A Beautiful sight – Monday morning and we are thinking CHARDONNAY! Brilliant fruit great ripeness and ideal for our Blanc de Blancs base wine Cap Classique at Graham Beck Robertson! Very happy that the weather has turned,  as I know it is pouring elsewhere this morning, we are fortunte to go flat out today. The vines have recovered from the heat wave and is looking better that ever. The sampling of sugars are spot on and we are happy…. bring on Harvest 2012