The Secret of Whole Bunch Pressing for Cap Classique

I am convinced that gentle handling of the grapes and then whole bunch pressing of the grapes to produce base wines for Cap Classique is the crucial catalyst in producing Cap Classique with an even a finer bubble….. watch this video and see the difference bewtween quality and press fractions. This makes the process of Cap Classique so interesting.


Looking at base wine during fermentation

During fermentation it is extremely crucial taht we know how well our yeasts are doing. It gives us the opportunity to be pro-active and we can start to form some ideas of how these individual base wines develop and where they will eventually end upin – in which of our Cap Classiques. Notice that colour is never a issue as we produce a wide portfolio and we find a home for all of the base wines. We taste at least once a week and study the rate of fermentation at least twice a day. Enjoy the little video link! Harvest 2012 at Graham Beck Robertson!

The Journey of the Whole Bunch Chardonnay Grape

A facinating journey of the Chardonnay grape from been picked until it is in juice form. Harvest 2012 at Graham Beck in Robertson. Part of the picking for Chardonnay for our range of Cap Classique base wines.