Well I was reading a nice blog about Gastro Porn by Edo Heyns posted on http://www.wineland.co.za/blog/2012/01/30/gastro-porn/comment-page-1/#comment-5946

Edo says “Gastro Porn” is a term used to describe photos of fancy food that are dominating cyberspace. It made me think about what he was getting at. To put this in context, as I also like to take photographs of things I love whether eating, drinking, seeing and so on, as a picture are = to a thousand words they say! Easy to remember and brings back memories.

So on Sunday, I was lucky to share a wine with a mate of mine from Australia. He introduced me to ‘wine porn’ Ya, having a wine called Naked on Skates by Some Young Punks (see the label) is so apt! Now does this express the fact of  – now am I bragging or sharing? It is definitely not name dropping, with a name like that! How I wish that I could drink more fancy labels and why not funky and sexy one’s from time to time as long the wine in the glass falls right on the palate.

My humble exprience updating and tweeting to all my fans is, yes they do care and certainly cheer’s me up ! Maybe there is some sense in “Gastro-Vino Porn” !! Bring it on.



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