Graham Beck Wines Harvest 2012 – News II

What a week of harvesting. Frantic to put in mildly but certainly productive and rewarding as we manage to catch up on our progress after last week’s heat wave! More than ever, we believe in 2012 will be a great year for the quality of our base wines which proudly make our finest range of Cap Classique’s. See below our intake up to day 12 op picking:

So up to now we have harvested 850 tons of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and equates to approximately 62 000 cases of MCC. The weather was much kinder this week so you can see in the graph that our harvesting team can pick quicker by day. It was a big Chardoonay week and now it is Pinot Noir’s turn. Quality looks good but the heat wave have had its toll as some of the acidity has started to drop. So it just means that we pick up the pace just a little more.

This is a block of Pinot Noir that came in on Friday. It is Pinot Noir. Great canopy and all grapes are in the shade during the ripening process. We are lucky that most of our grapes are 10 minutes away from process which makes it ideal for the process of whole bunch handling. If you see the results that Pinot Noir has no real colour at pressing. We are however challenged when it is extremely warm by day as temperature has an effect on the colour extraction. So far so good. It makes us happy to see these fractions. Quality!

The first of the Chardonnay Clones, ideal for our Blanc de Blancs was ready to go to barrel and below you will see our Champenoise friend, Julie (no she is not in Norway – the cellar is just cold) – filling the Piece Champenoise barrels with Chardonnay for the fermentation in barrel. In the other picture, by the way – I think it is a cool pic – is the fermentation looking down the bunghole, you can see the Chardonnay juice happily fermenting away!

The changes made to the grape receival area has made a huge difference in efficiencies and the flow is better. It is amazing with an upgrade such as this – we already have more ideas for next year’s harvest to improve once again! “Quality is not a destination but a continuous journey!”

Considering the pace of the harvest, I am so proud of the “Dream Team” in the cellar just sticking to their passion and focus and what we need to do.

Then there is also some time to enjoy the beautiful sunsets at this time of the year that reminds us it is only half the day gone! More harvest news soon!!!


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