Graham Beck Wines Harvest 2012 – News III

Catastrophe in Robertson – “State of Emergency for 30 hours”

On Sunday afternoon we had a very unfortunate breakdown when a valve of the cooling units burst and caused a short circuit on the compressor units. What a “daymare as well as nightmare” as cooling is vital during the fermentation to cool the ferments. Pierre and our students were stars and worked the whole of Sunday night to control cooling where needed the most. What a ‘juggling fare’ which I thought only happened at the circus!
Thanks to Louis who also responded quickly and had CellCool out to assess the damage and arrange for new contactors for the compressors. Well we are happy to report that we are finally up and running on Monday evening 19h15 with the cooling compressor. What a day we had today to juggle the amount of grapes to pick, not easy but there was no panic and the team was calm. Frantic cooling through Monday night should normalise the cooling and we hope that the damage to ferment’s are minimal.

The Control Switchboard before

If you thought you have seen array of pipelines on the cellar floor yesterday you ain’t seen nothing yet – it was to frantically cool the cooling water down. Now you know where the term ‘spaghetti lines” come from.
And finally CellCool arrived to repair and replace the contactors:
Now where do we start! Thanks to What’sApp we managed to download photos of the diagrams onto PietseApple (iPhone) and then I would email it to Louis and he in turn will print them, so CellCool could get going…

And finally the sound of a running cooling unit has never been so sweet!!! Thanks to ALL!!!!!


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