Graham Beck Wines Harvest 2012 – News V

Harvesting of our MCC grapes for base wine is officially over! Finally we can tally our potential liters to see how much base wines we will have after fermentation for our portfolio of bubbles. Very difficult to commit to final breakdown of liters per MCC style but could reach a total of 110 000 cases – sorry cannot divulge at this stage . After a really hectic three weeks the grapes has virtually slowed down to a snail’s pace and we patiently await the ripening of the Viognier and first of the reds. It is a really good time to catch up and to smell the roses again.

Up to now we have received a total of 1 777 tons of grapes. This does include Chardonnay for Waterside White and for Chardonnay varietal and also an experimental batch of Pinot Noir clone 777, as red wine. Big hype of activity around this parcel, as this Pinot is fermented in a traditional way – fermenting it on the skins in open barrels. Attie, our resident barrel-man, prepares the barrels by removing the one heads. Once the fermentation is done we press the skins dry in a basket press, Attie resembles the barrels and the wine returns to the same barrel for Malolactic fermentation and maturation.

Julie and Carel monitoring the fermentations in the barrels of Pinot
On Friday we say goodbye to Romain and Alexis from Burgundy. It was great to have them at our Robertson cellar and I am sure they will return home as great ambassadors of our brand and winery.

Romain & Alexis – je vous remercie pour votre travail acharné et au revoir! à bientôt

Earlier this week had Team Gorgeous in Robertson for a serious training and ‘brand-washing’ experience, or is it ‘brain-washing’? Soon they will be equipped to run Gorgeous by Graham Beck at the Catherina’s Restaurant at Steenberg. Very exciting stuff! This is yet another avenue to promote our ‘gorgeous’ bubblies. So watch this space – hopefully we all will get an invite to see how it looks (hehe).
Look out for this logo! And watch the space.
75% of all base wines have completed the fermentation and we enter a phase now called Tank Tetris – whereby we start combining similar batches of base wine to free up tank space and at the same time fill the tanks, as to eliminate ullage and get a feeling what each parcel will bring to the blends. Exciting times! Oh yes! Nearly missed the story of a new ‘baby’. We also have had the opportunity the work with Pinot Meunier for the first time as bubbly base wine. Pinot Meunier is the third grape variety used in Champagne. We don’t know what to expect but certainly to have it in the cellar is yet another dimension in our quest “in search of the perfect bubble!”
Our team have recovered from the pressure of whole bunch handling and there is calm before the next ‘storm’ – the reds…. Shiraz and Cabernet.

Until next week!!!!


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