Date of disgorgement on the label?

I read a great article on whether producers should incorporate the disgorgement date on the label or not. I guess there are many answers as to do so or not to do and at least stirr some debate!

However I have been noticing that Champagne producers are starting to do so. Very few of the big Grand Marques have done so, although there has been an increase in many many small and midsize producers which includes Bruno Paillard and Philipponnat that have done so for years. Ayala does now. Most significant, perhaps, Krug this year added a code that, when entered on its web site, offers detailed information about its Non Vintage that goes well beyond the disgorgement date.

As far as I’m concerned the more information we can share with our final consumer on our Graham Beck Cap Classique’s is always better. Most consumers will not care or pay attention to label information but there is a small and growing group of wine lovers does care, and catering to the curiosity of wine lovers has proved to be the best marketing of all.

There is merrit in both “time on the lees” and that of “time on the cork” and the effect of these are quite different. Rule of thumb is the longer the lees contact period the quicker you can start drinking the wines after disgorgement and the shorter the period on the lees the longer you have to wait to start enjoying the wine after disgorgement.

At the end of the day it is all about  the authenticity and provenance of the product that will ensure sustainable brand recognition and follow. It is important that a Non Vintage style from a house making bottle fermented wines expresses the true essence of the house style. When it comes to Vintage it has more the expression of the intrinsic of that specific year.

I am sure that this is a debate that will continue for a while but at the end of the day the more you are informed the better choice you can make!



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