Swartland Revolution – It is HERE!

It’s (pretty much) here.

Believe it or not, the much anticipated Revolutionary weekend is upon us.

As you start to pack your bag with excitement, allow us to add a few items to your survival pack.

Bring sunblock, sunglasses (for the sensitive eyes) and a lekker hat.

It is hot. You will be learning just as much about the soil as the sun of the appellation.


Friday night’s BBQ is outside, like any real braai, and it can get chilly (read: windy) so bring a jacket and a (SR2011) scarf.


New (and old) revolutionaries should read what the veterans at Batonage say in their excellent post: A survival guide to a revolution: The Swartland Revolution 2012

“Nobody “attends” a revolution; you live through it and you experience it.”

With advice on wardrobe, pharmaceuticals, your liver, Babbelaas Burgers and Social Media they conclude: “Arrive in whatever mood you feel like… you will leave in a jovial, relaxed and revolutionary mood.”


REGISTRATION, on the legendary Stoep of The Royal Hotel, starts at 4pm Friday. It is over at 5.30pm, we want to start tasting! Make sure you know UNDER WHO’S NAME your ticket is booked.

You will receive a neck tag that you must wear all weekend to enter tastings and events. Wristbands for MEAL ONLY TICKET HOLDERS must also be collected during this time.

SHUTTLES at previous events revolutionaries have hassled us for shuttles to get home, this year I organised it but they received to few bookings to warrent the trip .This is your last chance to try get them there! BOOK NOW> arrive alive.

And lastly, as you get ready to come to our lovely patch of earth, please

step away from your perfumes, aftershaves and lipsticks.

(The sharp scents interfere with your tasting experience and the lipstick makes the glasses hard to wash. Simple as that)

We look forward to welcoming you!

From Durban to Deutschland and anywhere else, travel safe and see you at the Royal!

Excited Helena

Helena Sheridan

PR and publicity – The Swartland Revolution


+27 (0)83 558 6594




Letter from America – November 2012

Greetings Friends of Maritime Wine Trading – 

FYI – fabulous news and continued validation of Maritime’s efforts (see letter below from Emily Wines MS).

For the second year in a row Maritime brands have been selected as part of the Kimpton Hotel Group’s national Core 100 program for 2013. 

 Along with our current Whole Foods National Top 10 program, our ongoing Total Wine and More “winery partner” program, and our new Ruth’s Chris national bottle listing program Maritime brands are active and growing in some of the USA’s highest volume and greatest consumer visibility retail, hotel and restaurant chains. 

 Thanks to all for your current and future support of these critical brand building endeavors.

Best Regards,

Chris Nickolopoulos


From: Emily Wines [mailto:Emily.Wines@kimptongroup.com

Sent: Monday, November 05, 2012 8:55 AM
To: Elyse@maritimewine.com
Cc: Patrick McGinn
Subject: Welcome to the Kimpton Core 100 for 2013!

Congratulations! Your wines are going to be included in the Core 100 Program for Kimpton in 2013. 14 of our wine managers and I spent a very long day tasting through 600+ submissions this year. It was tough to narrow them down but we ended up with a really great group of wines to work with. Here is how the program works:

– Each restaurant must have 20% of their list (glass or bottle) minimum comprised from the Core 100

– The five mandated bottle placements must be included on every list

– By pulling quarterly depletion numbers from you I will be tracking their compliance

– Once any restaurant uses 20 cases or more from any of the Core wines they are given rewards from Kimpton

– A half-bottle list of 20 wines will be available in all hotel rooms starting next year and all wines must be chosen from the core

– We will showcase all the Core 100 wines during a food and wine festival style party during one night at our Chef GM conference in February.

– Put  February 5th and 6th on your calendar! We look forward to seeing you in Phoenix

The program rolls out at the end of December. Please have your sales people in each market wait to approach buyers until 2013. Attached is a list of all the wine buyers for each restaurant. Also note that inclusion in the program does not automatically equate to sales. Use this as an opportunity to build a relationship with our restaurants. Taste them on the wines and feel free to sell wines that are not on the core as well. On occasion we have participating wineries or suppliers that run additional incentive programs with their wines. If you want to do that at the local level that is allowed. We want you to sell a lot of wine too! If you want to do a national incentive program or contest, please create a one page sheet for it and we will include it on our Kimpton Beverage website. In the past we have had gift cards for high sales, educational trips, dinner with a wine maker, and large bottle prizes. This is totally voluntary.

 The wines we have from you are:


Cristo di Campobello


Red Blend



Cristo di Campobello


White blend



Graham Beck


Brut NV

South Africa


Graham Beck


Brut Rose NV

South Africa

 I look forward to working with you in 2013.



 Emily Wines MS

Sr. Director of National Beverage Programs