Nice review of Graham Beck Brut Zero 2005

From Champagne Poodle Ted via Twitter


The best in drinks and food, and yeah, we think Champagne is fine for daily use too. Living in New Hampshire


Tasting   Note: Graham Beck 2005 Brut Zero – May 2013, rated B+/A-

I was looking forward to finding a better bottle or two of Graham Beck,   some non exported bottles, and was happy to find this zero dosage (no   added sugar) wine in Johannesburg.

I’m not always a zero dosage fan, and think some wineries do it because   it is fashionable, but I like what they wrote on the bottle – how zero   dosage is “like walking a tightrope without a safety net: there is no   margin of error.” Yup, indeed.

The nose is very nice and delicate with lovely fresh apple. Slightly   creamy lemon.

Very dry on the palate as expected. Man I like this a lot. Reticent yet   lovely apple. A slight sparky spicy quality, toasty and little bit of   lemon.

A little stark, some may use the word “transparent,” and despite liking   it a lot, it’s not a wine for everyone. I can’t help but wonder if it   might be better with a very few grams of dosage?

Still, they set out to make a zero dosage and made a damn good one – I   respect that! I’ll be very glad to drink this again if I get the chance.


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