Graham Beck Wines and the Wilderness Foundation join hands

Graham Beck Wines and the Wilderness Foundation join hands to protect and preserve our unique natural heritage.

12 November 2013  by Graham Beck
Just as in wine, our fragile ecosystem is wholly dependent on balance, harmony, continuity and longevity. It truly is the case of ‘the sum of the parts’ when it comes to farming sustainably and responsibly. When we practice environmentally responsible viticulture and winemaking we not only ensure the quality of our product, we guarantee the future of our planet.

Working in concert with ecology is not just a healthy philosophy; it’s a strategy that makes good business sense. This is why we at Graham Beck Wines are thrilled to announce the genesis of a unique partnership between ourselves and the Wilderness Foundation. This groundbreaking initiative sees one of South Africa’s leading wine industry biodiversity and sustainability champions joining forces with an internationally recognized organization dedicated to saving Africa’s wilderness and wildlife.
The vision for the Wilderness Foundation was first conceived by Dr Ian Player (international conservationist) and the late Magqubu Ntombela (a Zulu tribal chief and renowned conservationist), in the Mfolosi Game Reserve in 1959. The Foundation was officially registered by Dr Player in 1972 as a South African non-profit organization headquartered in Port Elizabeth, in the Eastern Cape.
It was the first organization in Africa dedicated to providing a pure wilderness experience for people of all backgrounds, races and nationalities. During the troubled days of apartheid, the multi-racial education and experiential programme spawned a global network of conservationists from all sectors of life who are committed to preserving Africa’s precious natural heritage.
After 28 years of heading up the Wilderness Foundation, Dr Player handed over the reins to his mentee and fellow conservationist, Andrew Muir in 2000. Muir has expanded the organisation’s influence through holistic social intervention strategies, incorporating a powerful conservation ethos into successful social projects targeted specifically at vulnerable youth. The Foundation is built on the values of: respect for all living things; a passion for conservation and education; integrity and transparency; sustainability and innovation.
Recognising that the protection of South Africa’s unique wilderness areas and natural splendour is dependent on socio-political and economic conditions within society, the Wilderness Foundation takes a holistic approach to conservation. Focusing on four main programme areas (Conservation; Social Intervention; Experiential Education and Advocacy & Awareness), the Foundation creates opportunities to encourage, plan and protect wild lands and wilderness, uplift the knowledge and lives of citizens and stimulate a culture of environmental awareness amongst current and future leaders.
The exceptional synergy between The Foundation’s ethos and that of Graham Beck’s well established and far reaching conservation and social upliftment projects makes a partnership between these two dynamic entities a very powerful and successful vehicle for permanent change and long lasting results.
We have always believed that farming in harmony with nature ensures we at Graham Beck Wines are making significant strides in protecting our precious natural heritage. Our Private Nature Reserve in Robertson is the heart of our environmental conservation drive. Each wine in The Game Reserve range celebrates the unique indigenous animal and plant species nurtured within this haven of biodiversity.
For every bottle sold a contribution is made towards the Wilderness Foundation`s conservation & education programs throughout Africa, the benefits of which support biodiversity and cultural, scientific, economic and spiritual values.
The Game Reserve range of wines symbolizes our unwavering commitment to restoring balance. The symbiosis between our wines, our people and the earth is the golden thread which runs throughout all our actions. Leaving a lasting legacy for tomorrow means we’re duty bound to take fundamental and far-reaching steps today – a responsibility we’re deeply passionate about.
This extraordinary and unique range comprises nine single varietal wines, each offering wine lovers an authentic expression of the cultivar and unlimited drinking pleasure. Versatile and rewarding, these meticulously crafted wines display a wide variety of attractive characteristics, catering to a broad spectrum of tastes – truly delivering a wine for every palate and any occasion. They are also superb food wines, promising a seamless match for an endless array of delectable dishes.
It is our hope that this groundbreaking partnership and these wines will inspire you to join us in our quest to nurture, heal and protect our remarkable natural treasures. Join fellow wine lovers around the globe, as we become conscious, conscientious and caring consumers.


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