Cape Winemakers Guild launches CWG VinPro Viticulture Protégé Programme

Committed to driving transformation in the South African wine industry, the Cape Winemakers Guild (CWG) in association with VinPro has expanded its highly successful Oenology Protégé Programme with the launch of a similar internship scheme to develop young viticulturists.

The new CWG VinPro Viticulture Protégé Programme, an initiative of the Nedbank Cape Winemakers Guild Development Trust, gives promising individuals the opportunity to realise their dreams of becoming fully fledged viticulturists after a two-year internship.

“The Protégé Programme is a major priority for all of our members. Thanks to a generous contribution from the VinPro Foundation, we are now able to branch out into niche areas of the wine industry which will broaden the reach of our transformation efforts significantly,” says Louis Strydom, Chairman of the Nedbank Cape Winemakers Guild Development Trust.

“We will start by taking in one Viticulture Protégé in 2015 and hope to see it grow and be just as successful as the existing Oenology Protégé Programme,” says Strydom.

Since its inception in 2006, the CWG Oenology Protégé Programme has seen the appointment of five graduates in full time winemaking positions.

“Although it is great to invest in initiatives that show positive short term results, we prefer to take a longer term view of the industry and focus our involvement on projects that will make a critical contribution towards the sustainability of the industry and its people over the years to come,” says VinPro Transformation and Development Manager Johan Giliomee, an advisory service that renders professional and need-driven consultation services in viticulture, oenology, soil science, agro-economy and general management to wine producers.

“We regard the Cape Winemakers Guild, with their innovative approach to training as
one such organisation that can make a difference,” adds Giliomee.

Established in 2013, the VinPro Foundation serves as a vehicle for funding key initiatives that can make a difference to the wellbeing of all participants in the South African wine industry.

The CWG VinPro Viticulture Protégé Programme aims to cultivate, nurture and empower promising individuals to become viticulturists of excellence. Mentored by members of the Cape Winemakers Guild, interns receive hands-on training with regards to the intricacies of cultivation practices to ensure top quality grapes for the production of diverse wine types and styles. Successful candidates admitted to this cutting edge programme receive a salary, coaching and life skills mentorship, attendance of selected Cape Winemakers Guild functions and wine tastings, industry networking opportunities and a certificate of completion at the end of the two-year internship.

Students interested in applying for the Oenology Protégé Programme or the CWG VinPro Viticulture Protégé Programme can visit, call Tel: 021 852 0408 or send an email to

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Graham Beck Harvest News II

Harvest Officially kicks off
After lots of anticipation the day has come for the Har-vest 2014 to start in Robert-son. Harvest started today 17th January. This is on av-erage a week later than nor-mal but certainly not the latest we ever started for harvesting Chardonnay and Pinot Noir for bubbly. The latest we have ever started, quite weirdly late was in
1997—interestingly another cold and wet winter.—when we only started harvest on 3 February. We started on a young block of Pinot Noir.
We wish Pieter Fouche and his vineyard teams all the best and success for a good 2014 harvest!!! More about the parade …. Wait

Biodiversity Hotspot – our own Game Reserve
To start 2014, we thought it would be fitting to once again touch upon what we consider the most important element of The Game Reserve Wine Range…besides the wine, that is!
The Graham Beck Private Nature Reserve is located in one of the world’s most remarkable ecological hot-spots, also known as a biodiversity hot-spot, The Cape Floral Kingdom. To get a better idea of why this area holds so much appeal, a greater understanding of what defines a biodiversity hot-spot is essential.
This, the smallest of the six Floral Kingdoms in the world, is an extraordinary component of our planet that is home to not only some of the rarest species in the world, but so many. With over 8,500 different plant species, this hotspot deserves to be highlighted and cherished, as well as nurtured and protected.
We can be immensely proud that this natural wonder is located quite literally in our back-yard! And it’s precisely this unique haven of biodiversity which makes our Private Na-ture Reserve and, by association, our The Game Reserve range of wines, so incredibly special.

Spotlight on Georgina Wilkinson – One of our interns

She grew up in Zambia and went to the American Inter-national School before I went to boarding school at The Diocesan School for Girls (DSG) in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape at age 10.
After matriculating, she went to the University of Stellen-bosch where she studied BScAgric Viticulture and Oenolo-gy. As part of her studies (the new curriculum) she complet-ed a 6-month internship at Eikendal Wine Estate in Stel-lenbosch in 2013. Her family has a farm in Scherpenheuwel not far from Robertson where they grow grapes and olive trees. They also produce their own olive oil called Rio-Largo.She will be with Graham Beck Wines for her second harvest.The things that bothers Georgy: “Spiders and small, enclosed spaces !”
What makes Georgy happy: “Being apart of a successful, dynamic team as well as entertaining friends and family with a delicious hearty meal.”

The hero of the Floral Kingdom
One of the most fascinat-ing flora found in the Graham Beck Private Na-ture Reserve, we’re thrilled to introduce the beautiful Brianhuntleya intrusa, (a genus of flowering succulent perennial plants in the Aizoaceae family that are native to the semi-arid regions of South Africa’s Western Cape) named after one of South Africa’s own botanical heroes—Brian Huntley.
The distribution range of the plant is from Worcester to Robertson and McGregor and, although it is a range-restricted species, it is locally abundant and occurs in at least 20 locations within these habitats. What makes the discovery of Brianhuntleya intrusa on our property so special is, not only that the plants are indeed classified as a threatened species (with the population trend decreasing), but that they have been reported to thrive most successfully around the Breede River which runs through The Graham Beck Private Nature Reserve.
On the reserve you’ll spot the delightful pink flowers (which open during the day from early winter to spring) peeking out.

Sharing our passion for the planet
We’ve got some really excit-ing news to share as the year draws to a close! Graham Beck Wines and the Wilder-ness Foundation have formed a partnership that will not only benefit our conservation efforts at The Graham Beck Private Nature Reserve, but will also give us the op-portunity to have a hand in raising funds to support the conservation of Africa’s wilderness and wildlife on a far bigger scale.
The Wilderness Foundation shares our passion of spreading a richer, more dynamic aware-ness of wildlife, wilderness, conservation and nurturing a more responsible society. As a project-driven foundation, they manage a number of initiatives involving ecosystem restoration, biodiversity networking and wildlife conservation, including the Forever Wild protection initiatives that aim to raise public awareness of a number of endangered and threatened species in Africa.
The Game Reserve wine range is our way of reaching out to the public and grabbing their attention regarding the fascinating animals and plants that are nurtured on our reserve. These wines truly are a unique celebration of the amazing natural diversity we encounter within the Graham Beck Private Nature Reserve.
We hope that this awareness engenders the kind of curiosity and passion for conserva-tion that can stimulate a burgeoning trend for buying, farming and acting responsibly with regards to our planet.

Hosting on the Zambezi Queen

It was a real privilege to have done the Graham Beck Wines food and wine pairing weekend onboard the Zambezi Queen just before Xmas — gosh isn’t she is beautiful! There can be few natural wonders as synonymous with Africa’s raw wilderness as the great Chobe River. These waters divide Namibia’s Caprivi Strip from Botswana’s Chobe National Park, and its exotic banks boast one of the densest populations of wildlife on the African continent. Teeming with life, home to the largest populace of elephants in the world – currently estimated at roughly 120 000. Along with the elephants, lions, huge groups of buffalo, waterbuck, eland, sable and giraffe. In the river itself plenty of hippo and crocodiles, and keep your binoculars at the ready for spotting a rich selection of bird life. You could even experience the thrill of it all from your own private suite aboard the Zambezi Queen. It is all about pampering, indulgence and superior comfort and such a professional team onboard to make the ex-perience even more special.
We had the honour of having Mr & Mrs Thabo Mbeki onboard. A true unique experience and they are a wonderful couple and so interested. Fabulous feedback from them. “Pieter Ferreira our cellarmaster was what we needed; understated, sense of humour and a true teacher. I guess that we shall all henceforth be pretentious about wines in general through the Graham Beck experience. I shall also be visiting The Graham Beck Training institution just for deeper knowledge”The Zambezi Queen’s Captain Wayne Nel and manager Vicky Nel are great supporters of Graham Beck Wines. Thank you for the opportunity!

Graham Beck Harvest News I

The 24th Harvest in Robertson

Happy New Year for all of you and may 2014 surprise us all and be a fantastic vintage!Generally speaking, by now we would be harvesting this year’s grapes but with all this late rain—could this be a repeat of January 1981? – We ask ourselves.
With the recent rains we have to give nature chance to recover and for the soils to dry out. It has been a very wet start for us this year and we will welcome some warm days and lots of sunshine…. However the Graham Beck’s cellar in Robert-son is more than ready for the 2014 harvest and this will make it Har-vest number 24!.
Here is some notes on the latest conditions and the effect of the rain of this past week from Pieter Fouche—Farm Manager:
Disease pressure has been high but me and my team have been fol-lowing all these elements very
closely. But with the latest rain hopes aren’t that high and mo-rale is fairly low.
In this week we measured more than 180mm of rain on Madeba Farm here in Robertson. If you consider that our long term average for a whole year is less than 250mm….. It makes you ponder.
Points of concern is that the vineyard is very wet and we cannot get into any of the vine-yards to spray and we might get downy mildew on the grapes.
Due to the late rain we also cannot spray our bubbly vine-yard blocks of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, as the with-holding period of the chemicals is to long before we need to harvest the grapes. So we are living on knife-edge.
With the amount of rainfall the berries soaks up to much water
and they can burst and will cause botrytis. The action plan is there but we need some sunshine!
Sampling of sugars for ap-proximate harvest dates is on hold until next Monday. Our weather stations are indicating an improvement with moder-ate sunshine over the weeknd…. Bring is on, please! With all the rain our farm roads are in bad condition with lots of eroded areas which makes some of them in-passable. We are waiting for the material to dry before we can attempt to repair and fill all the holes the roads.
On a lighter note one of our drivers yesterday caught him-self two river crabs in one of the Chardonnay vineyard blocks! This all sounds doom and gloom but as you know we have been there before!

Our new Company Values
Towards the end of last year Graham Beck Enterprises shared their new values:
Passion and PrideThere are no half measures. Through our obsession with quality and service- excellence, we bring passion and pride to our business and to our brands.
Go beyondOur business is a place in which everyone is valued and respected; where people are encouraged to think, create and do, and where we are all accountable for delivering our best.
Lookout for othersWe care about the world beyond the gates of our business. With a spirit of generosity, sense of history and family, we work to advance and improve the lives of people in the communities around us.
Tread lightly upon the EarthRespect and care for our planet and natural environment is
deeply embedded in our culture. As a business, it is our duty to do all we can to treasure, preserve and sustain our planet, for future generations.

Play your partSustainable profits are the cornerstone of our business. For the benefit of our employees and shareholders our customers and community, we strive to always run a well-managed, succesful and responsible business.

News on The CWG Protege Programme:
The Cape Winemakers Guild Protégé Pro-gramme was launched in 2006 with the goal of bringing about transformation in the wine industry through cultivating and nurturing winemakers from previously disadvantaged groups to become winemakers of excellence. It is the long-term vision that some of these Proté-gés could in time be invited to become members of the Cape Winemakers Guild.
Through the Protégé Programme passionate young winemakers have the opportunity to hone their skills and knowledge under the guidance of some of the country’s top winemakers. The Protégé Programme comprises a 3 year internship and only final third and fourth year students who have studied Viticulture and Oenology at either the University of Stellenbosch or Elsenburg Agri-cultural College can apply for Pro-gramme.
Some objectives:
To expose the young winemakers to a wide range of wineries, wine types, roles in the winery and skills for a winemaker through a paid internship over three years.
To prepare young winemakers of colour for a career in winemaking through facilitating interactions and networks within the industry.
Focus on Philani Shongwe – our CWG Protege:
Philani is in his final year of internship in the CWG Protégé Programme and will spend it with us in Robertson. More on him. Philani Ngcebo Shongwe graduated in 2011 from the University of Stellenbosch and got his first job as an intern at Groot Constantia.In the same year he did his first harvest overseas at Ansitz Waldgries, South Tyrol in Italy – where he fell in love with the Legrein (no it is not his girlfriend but it is a grape similar to Shiraz). When he re-turned home he joined the CWG Protégé Programme. He did his first year at Paul Cluver, Elgin in 2012. In 2013 he went back to Groot Constantia where he made his first wine “The Passport” which is a 100% Shiraz.
This year he has joined the Graham Beck Wine-Team and is excited and looking forward to ‘play’ with bubbles and learn all the intrinsics from a passionate team.In 2013 Philani attended the Michael Fridjhon Wine Academy for a wine judging course to enhance his wine tast-ing skills.Philani has been involved with 8 harvests which include other winer-ies and areas such as Slanghoek and Thelema in Stellenbosch.
He believes that wines should be made fresh, fine, elegant and low in alcohol….. I must say we concur with Philani. He will be exposed to all elements of winemaking and outside activities such as CWG Technical tastings through the year. He will be bottling his wine of last year as part of the criteria of the programme. What makes Philani happy: “a smooth and complete fermentation!” What gets him nervous or frustrated: “a sluggish fermentation”.

Small interesting creatures:
Mossie has sent the following images of the Yellow-haired Sugar Ant commonly known as the ’Bal-Byter” in Afrikaans and blessed with the botanical name of Camponoyus fulvopilosus.
This ant has a great technique to spray its attacker or enemy with formic acid rather than biting. The next couple of photographs below hopefully explains the actions. There is spotting the enemy, then maneuvering into position, then tucking its abdo-men, then the spraying and then lastly the inspection whether it was successful or not!
I still suggest you don’t sit on the ground if they are around—you might just get a pinch where you don’t expect it!
balbyt 8

Best South African Rose Cap Classique’s

Best South African Rose Cap Classique’s

Caroline’s White Wine Review 2013

Annual White Wine Review
We’ll see you at The Table Bay Hotel next Wednesday evening, 30th October 2013. Taste the finest white wines and Cap Classiques produced in South Africa. All the winemakers themselves will be there, to show you their wine personally – and each will bring one wine only. That wine will be the very best in their cellar at present – look out for : Graham Beck’s Brut Zero 2008, AA Badenhorst, Malagas, Quoin Rock, Rall, Cape Point, Ghost Corner, Meerlust, Boekenhoutskloof, La Motte, Nitida – just a few mentioned to whet your appetite.

Venue: The Table Bay Hotel, ballroom
Time: 17h00 onwards, until 21h00
Cost: R150 p/p which includes an uncrested crystal glass and programme
Parking: V&A Parking areas for own account
Tickets: Computicket only – booking open now. A limited umber of tickets will be sold at the door.


The Henry Wine Group and LA Opera share a dedication to producing the finest the world has to offer. As part of The Henry Wine Group’s premium portfolio of wines, Graham Beck Brut Rose has been selected as LA Opera’s sparkling wine for 2013/14 Opera Season.

Graham Beck Wines is located in South Africa, and Graham Beck Wines is an awardwinning supporter of biodiversity, committed to conservation and environmentally responsible agricultural practices.

For more information about The Henry Wine Group’s excellent selection of wines, visit
Graham beck Brut Rose NV is available at:
– L.A. Wine Company
– Beverage Warehouse
– Mission Liquors
– Mission Wine and Spirits
– John and Pete’s
– K & L
and most Whole Foods…




2013 FNB Sauvignon Blanc Top 10 competition narrows down Sauvignon Superstars

For immediate release 2013-09-09
2013 FNB Sauvignon Blanc Top 10 competition narrows down Sauvignon Superstars

The 2013 FNB Sauvignon Blanc Top 10 competition, under the auspices of the Sauvignon Blanc Interest Group (SBIG), is proud to announce the Top 20 contenders in the running to be crowned as South Africa’s most innovative and exciting Sauvignon Blanc wines currently on the market.

Entries were received from far and wide, and a panel of experts spent three days in assessing a record number of 207 entries.

Sauvignon Blanc is South Africa’s most competitive category, and the quality of the wines on display were evident from the start. Panelists Christian Eedes (convenor), Elzette du Preez, Cathy Marston, Carrie Adams and Richard Kershaw MW discussed and deliberated for many hours to come up with a fantastic selection, representing a great diversity of origins and styles, that shows the true potential of this noble grape variety in South African conditions.

The great majority of wines in the Top 20 are from specific wards of origin, with Darling, Stellenbosch, Cape Point, Elgin and Durbanville featuring prominently. New and exciting areas, such as Elandskloof near Villiersdorp entered the Top 20 for the first time, with the unknown region of Langeberg-Garcia managing a position for the second year running. Sauvignon Blanc stalwarts Cape Point Vineyards, Thelema, Graham Beck, Kleine Zalze and Durbanville Hills show consistency, while DGB’s Franschhoek Cellar Statue de Femme and Boschendal Reserve aim to duplicate their achievement of 2011, when both managed a position in the FNB Top 10.

The Top 20, in alphabetical order
• Alexanderfontein Chip off The Old Block Sauvignon Blanc 2013
• Boschendal Reserve Collection Sauvignon Blanc 2013
• Cape of Good Hope Altima Sauvignon Blanc 2013
• Cape Point Vineyards Woolworths 2012
• Cape Point Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 2012
• Cederberg Sauvignon Blanc 2012
• Durbanville Hills Rhinofields Sauvignon Blanc 2012
• Franschhoek Cellar Statue de Femme Sauvignon Blanc 2013
• Graham Beck Pheasants’ Run Sauvignon Blanc 2012
• Havana Hills Virgin Earth The Pepper Tree Sauvignon Blanc 2013
• Hillcrest Sauvignon Blanc 2013
• Jordan Sauvignon Blanc 2013
• Kleine Zalze Family Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2012
• Nederburg Private Bin D234 Sauvignon Blanc 2012
• Ormonde Sauvignon Blanc 2012
• Phizante Kraal Sauvignon Blanc 2013
• Sumaridge Estate Wines Sauvignon Blanc 2013
• Thelema Sauvignon Blanc 2013
• Thelema Sutherland Sauvignon Blanc 2012
• Vrede en Lust Casey’s Ridge Sauvignon Blanc 2012
“The 2013 FNB Sauvignon Blanc Top 10 competition continues to grow from strength to strength and we are proud of all the constants who are part of the top 20. As the most innovative bank globally, we are pleased to celebrate yet another landmark in showcasing South Africa’s most innovative and exciting wine-making talent. FNB is firmly committed to enhancing the competitive edge of South African wine-makers, and broadening the appeal of the industry to all segments of our society. Our association with this competition is also entrenched in the belief that our country has the necessary talent to be able to compete on the global stage,” said Stephan Claassen FNB Provincial head, Western Cape.
According to Pieter de Waal, SBIG secretary and organiser of the competition, this was a year where the judges were spoilt for choice. “Having judged at Concours Mondial du Sauvignon in France this year, as well as the Berliner Wein Trophy in Germany, I have no reservations in saying that this year’s FNB Top 20 are all world-class wines that are able to stand out in an international context.”

The 2013 FNB Sauvignon Blanc Top 10 will be announced at Blaauwklippen Wine Estate on Friday, 27 September 2013.
For any other enquiries, please contact Pieter de Waal on 083 357 3864 or
Issued by Marlene Truter Communications
Contact: Marlene Truter
tel 083 294 6060

On behalf of SBIG



WINE NAME                                                                                                   QUANTITY ON OFFER

AA Badenhorst Family Wines Grenache Gris Vuilgoed 3 2012                       40 x 6 x 750ml

AA Badenhorst Family Wines Siebritskloof Shiraz L.D.R. 2011                      60 x 6 x 750ml

Ataraxia Under The Gavel Chardonnay 2012                                                   40 x 6 x 750ml

Beyerskloof Traildust Pinotage 2011                                                                 40 x 6 x 750ml

Boekenhoutskloof Syrah Auction Reserve 2011                                              30 x 6 x 750ml

Boplaas Cape Vintage Auction Reserve 2009                                                   30 x 6 x 750ml

Boplaas Ox Wagon 1880 Auction Reserve Potstill Brandy                              24 x 6 x 750ml

Boschkloof Auction Reserve Syrah 2011                                                            40 x 6 x 750ml

Bouchard Finlayson Auction Reserve Domaine Chardonnay 2012               80 x 6 x 750ml

Bruce Jack Happy Hour 2009                                                                               60 x 6 x 750ml

Cape Point Vineyards Auction Reserve White 2012                                        44 x 6 x 750ml

Cederberg Teen Die Hoog Shiraz 2011                                                              60 x 6 x 750ml

De Grendel Op Die Berg Pinot Noir 2011                                                          44 x 6 x 750ml

De Grendel Wooded Sauvignon Blanc 2013                                                     44 x 6 x 750ml

Edgebaston Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2011                                              50 x 6 x 750ml

Ernie Els CWG 2011                                                                                              70 x 6 x 750ml

Etienne le Riche Auction Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2010                       80 x 6 x 750ml

Graham Beck Wines Non Plus Ultra Cap Classique 2008                             40 x 6 x 750ml

Graham Beck Wines The Catalyst 2010                                                           50 x 6 x 750ml

Grangehurst Auction Reserve 2007                                                                 70 x 6 x 750ml

Groot Constantia Auction Reserve Shiraz 2010                                             40 x 6 x 750ml

Hartenberg Auction Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2010                              80 x 6 x 750ml

Hartenberg Auction Reserve Shiraz 2010                                                       80 x 6 x 750ml

Haskell Vineyards Merlot 2010                                                                        70 x 6 x 750ml

Haskell Vineyards Paradigm 2008                                                                   70 x 6 x 750ml

Hermanuspietersfontein Vloekskoot Sauvignon Blanc 2012                     70 x 6 x 750ml

John Loubser Thirteen 2011                                                                            42 x 6 x 750ml

Jordan Chardonnay Auction Reserve 2012                                                   80 x 6 x 750ml

Jordan Sophia 2010                                                                                          80 x 6 x 750ml

Kaapzicht Cape Blend 2010                                                                            60 x 6 x 750ml

Kanonkop CWG Paul Sauer 2010                                                                  60 x 6 x 750ml

Kleine Zalze 3 Expressions 2010                                                                   80 x 6 x 750ml

Lanner Hill Double Barrel White 2012                                                         60 x 6 x 750ml

Luddite “Just Alice” Shiraz Mourvèdre 2010                                            100 x 6 x 750ml

Miles Mossop Wines Maximilian 2011                                                        60 x 6 x 750ml

Neil Ellis Auction Reserve 2011                                                                   60 x 6 x 750ml

Neil Ellis Auction Reserve Pinotage 2011                                                  40 x 6 x 750ml

Nitida Sauvignon Blanc Barrel Twenty Eight 2013                                   40 x 6 x 750ml

Paul Cluver CWG Pinot Noir 2011                                                              40 x 6 x 750ml

Paul Cluver Wagon Trail Chardonnay 2012                                             40 x 6 x 750ml

Rijk’s CWG Chenin Blanc 2012                                                                   44 x 6 x 750ml

Rijk’s CWG Shiraz 2011                                                                               38 x 6 x 750ml

Rust en Vrede CWG Estate 2010                                                                40 x 6 x 750ml

Saronsberg CWG Viognier 2011                                                                26 x 6 x 750ml

Saronsberg Die Erf Shiraz 2011                                                                 42 x 6 x 750ml

Sijnn Syrah 2011 (1.5 Litre bottles)                                                           12 x 3 x 1.5L

Sijnn Syrah 2011 (750ml bottles)                                                               66 x 6 x 750ml

Simonsig “The Russety One” Roussanne 2012                                        32 x 6 x 750ml

Simonsig Heirloom Shiraz 2011                                                                 70 x 6 x 750ml

Spier Auction Reserve Frans K Smit 2010                                                72 x 6 x 750ml

Teddy Hall Eva (Krotoa) Chenin Blanc Noble Late Harvest 2012          40 x 6 x 375ml

Teddy Hall Maria van Swaanswijk Chardonnay Auction Reserve 2012 60 x 6 x 750ml

The Drift We’re Here 2011                                                                            60 x 6 x 750ml

Tokara Tribute 2012                                                                                       60 x 6 x 750ml

Villiera Meteor Cap Classique 2008                                                             40 x 6 x 750ml

Vriesenhof Cabernet Sauvignon 2007                                                        100 x 3 x 1.5L

Vriesenhof Pinot Noir Bin 115 2008                                                            74 x 6 x 750ml

Waterford Estate 2009 Auction Reserve 2BB                                             50 x 6 x 750ml

Waterford Estate Chardonnay Auction Reserve 2011                              30 x 6 x 750ml

The 2013 Nedbank Cape Winemakers Guild Auction is open to the public and will take place on

Saturday 5 October 2013

at Spier Conference Centre, Stellenbosch

For further enquiries, to bid on the auction, or to attend a pre-Auction tasting, please contact

Kate Jonker at the Cape Winemakers Guild Office on +27 (0)21  852 0408 or

Telephonic, online and proxy bidding options are also available for those unable to attend.

Creativity and variety in mega 2013 Nedbank Cape Winemakers Guild Auction lineup

For immediate release

Variety, great diversity of styles and unusual cultivars are the signature of the 29th Nedbank Cape Winemakers Guild Auction with no less than 59 singularly crafted wines – the biggest selection ever – to go under the hammer at Spier in the Stellenbosch Winelands on Saturday, 5 October 2013.


Recognised as South Africa’s leading wine auction open to the wine trade and the general public, the bumper auction lineup features small volumes of unique wines all crafted exclusively for the auction by members of the Guild. With the biggest white wine selection in the history of the Guild and 667 more cases on offer than the previous year, the 2013 auction has more variety and unusual styles than ever before.


This year’s auction wines, all poised to become rare collector’s pieces, include 36 red wines, 18 white wines, 2 Méthode Cap Classiques, one dessert wine, a Port and a potstill brandy making up the tally of 3 184 cases (6 x 750ml case equivalent).


“There is definitely a more creative edge to the 2013 auction lineup, showing us that our decision three years ago to revise our selection process for the auction is starting to bear fruit. The substantial increase in white wines offers more choice and we certainly anticipate keen bidding especially from white wine enthusiasts,” says Guild Chairman, Jeff Grier, whose Villiera Meteor Cap Classique 2008 is one of two MCC’s on offer this year.


Innovation and experimentation is most evident on the white wine front where Chardonnay takes the lead again this year with six wines on auction including Kevin Arnold’s first ever auction white wine, Waterford Estate Chardonnay Auction Reserve 2011. Chardonnay enthusiasts have new vintages of top selling wines from previous auctions to look forward to such as Jordan Chardonnay Auction Reserve 2012, Paul Cluver The Wagon Trail Chardonnay 2012 and Ataraxia Under the Gavel Chardonnay 2012.


Making his auction debut is Bartho Eksteen with Hermanuspietersfontein Vloekskoot Sauvignon Blanc 2012, one of three Sauvignon Blancs to go under the hammer this year.


Other auction newcomers include two unusual white cultivars: AA Badenhorst Family Wines Grenache Gris Vuilgoed 3 2012 from Adi Badenhorst and Johan Malan’s Simonsig “The Russety One” Roussanne 2012.

more …


2013 auction lineup two/…


White blends also feature prominently this year with four wines including the new 2012 vintage of Duncan Savage’s Cape Point Vineyards Auction Reserve White and the return of Bruce Jack’s Happy Hour 2009.  Pierre Wahl is back with a new vintage Rijk’s CWG Chenin Blanc 2012, the only Chenin Blanc on offer this year. Nicky Versfeld’s Lanner Hill Double Barrel White 2012 is the only Semillon whilst the Saronsberg CWG Viognier 2011 of Dewald Heyns is the only Viognier.

Teddy Hall Eva (Krotoa) Chenin Blanc Noble Late Harvest 2012 is the sole dessert wine in the auction lineup.


Amongst the reds, Shiraz with 13 wines and blends with 12 are the biggest categories again this year, followed by Cabernet Sauvignon with five and Pinot Noir with three. Neil Ellis makes his Pinotage auction debut with his Auction Reserve Pinotage 2011 one of two Pinotages on offer this year.


New vintages of top selling auction stalwarts such as Hartenberg Auction Reserve Shiraz 2010, Boekenhoutskloof Syrah Auction Reserve 2011, Etienne Le Riche Auction Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, Jordan Sophia 2010, Edgebaston Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2011, Kanonkop CWG Paul Sauer 2010 should all make for competitive bidding.


The only Port-style wine and brandy on auction are both by Carel Nel: Boplaas Cape Vintage Auction Reserve 2009 and Boplaas Ox Wagon 1880 Auction Reserve Potstill Brandy.


All the wines have been crafted specially for the auction by members of the Guild and are subjected to rigorous scrutiny by the Guild’s tasting panel and tested by an independent laboratory to ensure that they are free of any defects and meet the highest standards of wine health measurement.


Since its inception in 1985, the Nedbank Cape Winemakers Guild Auction has become a quality benchmark and the CWG label is an authentic assurance of quality recognised by leading wine buyers both locally and from abroad. While the vast majority of buyers at the auction are local, there has been a surge of international interest in recent years and overseas pre-auction tastings will be held again this year in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Hong Kong.

Local wine enthusiasts can taste the auction wines at Auction Showcases at the CTICC in Cape Town at 18h00 on Thursday, 22 August and at 18h00 at The Atrium, Nedbank Sandton in Johannesburg on Thursday, 29 August. Tickets cost R170 and are available from                                                                                   more …

2013 auction lineup two/last …


The 29th Nedbank CWG Auction, conducted by Henré Hablutzel of Hofmeyr Mills Auctioneers for the 16th consecutive year, is open to the public and will be held at the Spier Conference Centre in the Stellenbosch Winelands on Saturday, 5 October 2013. Prospective buyers who are unable to attend the auction on the day, can register in advance with the CWG and take advantage of their telephonic and proxy bidding facilities. Live bidding will also be available online through


For further details and to attend the Auction, visit or contact the Guild Office on Tel: 021 852 0408 or


Issued by:         GC Communications         Contact: Gudrun Clark Tel: +27 +21-462 0520                            E-mail:


On behalf of:    Cape Winemakers Guild             Contact: Kate Jonker Tel: +27 +21-852 0408     E-mail: