Aftertaste without prejudice – CWG Auction Wines 2011



01 September 2011

Page 68

By Eben van Wyk

“Compromise is for relationships” –  EBEN VAN WYK

According to Cape Winemakers Guild chairman, Louis Strydom from Ernie Els wines, compromise s for relationships, not for wine. The truth of this statement is confirmed by the remarkable wines on offer at this year’s auction of the Winemakers Guild. The selection criteria of wines for the annual Nedbank Cape Winemakers Guild Auction were revised earlier this year to boost creativity and achieve greater diversity of wines crafted exclusively for the auction.

In terms of the new criteria adopted by the Guild, the final selection of the auction line-up will no longer be at the behest of tasting panels alone, but all 43 members be able to have a wine on auction, provided it is free of technical defects and meets the highest standards of wine health measurement. The new selection criteria was introduced to encourage members to be bold and to experiment in terms of terroir, cultivar and wine styles — to push the envelope and pursue more creative and unusual styles. Though the true effect of the new selection criteria will probably only be evident in a year or two, judging by the great variety of wines on offer and the remarkable spread of varietals and different styles this year, the Guild’s new selection criteria has certainly paid off.

The 27th Nedbank CWG Auction is open to the public and will be held at the Spier Conference Centre in the Stellenbosch Winelands on Saturday, October 1 2011. The impressive lineup this year consists of 56 wines, 17 more than the previous Auction.

These are some of my favorites without prejudice September 201 1.

Graham Beck Non Plus Ultra Cap Classique 2005 Winemaker Pieter “Bubbles” Ferreira is certainly one of South Africa’s Cap Classique masters, producing consistent great quality wines. This wine with its creamy complexity, spending six years on the lees, is amazing. I wish I could have a bottle of this stuff every day.

Cape Point Vineyards Barrel Fermented Sauvignon Blanc 2010 Duncan Savage (listed in the swansong edition of Wine Magazine as one of South Africa’s future wine legends) remains South Africa’s king of Sauvignon Blanc. The nose of this wine is fresh; its aroma intense with a long lingering aftertaste. This is a great wine.

Flagstone Happy Hour 2009 An amazing wine produced by Bruce Jack, one of South Africa’s most prominent wine personalities. This blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon & Viognier is filled with hints of orange, vanilla and spice and is a true 5 star wine. It will get even better with age.


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